About us

We are Accounts Robo - Bespoke ERP Software as a Service Provider

We are a leading ERP solutions provider specializing in financial accounting, payroll management, production planning, material management, and task management. Our services are designed for the businesses of today that want to grow with the technologies of tomorrow.

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Our Vision

“To create ease of running a business”. The software solution allows enterprise owners, to scale their businesses by providing real-time insights, and enabling owners to have a peaceful state of mind.

Our Mission

“To empower businesses to run seamlessly through our easy-to-use, cost-effective, and insightful solutions”

Our Values

Accounts Robo is rooted amongst strong company values so as to offer optimum customer satisfaction and the most suitable business solution software. The company possesses concrete values such as integrity, thought leadership, commitment, and excellence. The software manages to be futuristic and insightful, so as to provide a perfect business management solution, which is easy and resourceful.